Sugar Alcohols: The Sweet Sidekicks

Sugar Alcohols: The Sweet Sidekicks
Sugar and alcohol? Hold your horses as the truth about sugar alcohols is anything but boozy!

These undercover agents, also known as polyols, are found in fruits and veggies, bringing sweetness without any side effects associated with sugar.

They are just like detectives disguised as "-ol" endings like maltitol, erythritol, sorbitol, and xylitol, in the sugar-free world's undercover squad. These all have been approved internationally for use in food products.

Why are these creating a buzz in the food industry?


  • Reduced Calorie Capers: These polyols impart only half the calories of regular sugar without compromising on the taste.


  • Dental Benefits: Say cheese without fear! Unlike sugar's cavity-causing behavior, polyols keep oral bacteria at bay, protecting your pearly whites and fostering good dental hygiene.


  • Blood Sugar Balancing: No spiking sugar levels here! These sweet sidekicks take a scenic route through your gut, without giving a glucose spike like regular sugar. Only a fraction of these sugar alcohols is absorbed by the body sparing you from the dreaded sugar blues - obesity, lethargy, fatty liver, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

The unabsorbed part travels to the large intestine where they are fermented by the gut bacteria. This leads to a healthier digestive system. This makes them the preferred option for people managing diabetes or seeking mindful sugar consumption.

Here's the twist:


While this may paint a very pretty picture, there is something one must know.


Large doses of polyols can lead to some digestive rumbles (like gas and bloating).


But remember, everyone's different - age, overall health, and other factors can play a role.

Research suggests most adults can handle up to 40 grams of maltitol per day without any trouble.


And guess what? Our delicious spreads have less than 25 grams in the entire 250-gram jar! Phew, we’re safe.

Moreover, countless studies on both humans and animals have cleared the polyols' names, proving they're safe and sound for responsible consumption.

Conclusion: The Sweet Wrap-Up


Sugar alcohols, specifically maltitol, offer a delightful array of benefits like bringing sweetness at half the calories and contributing to dental hygiene.

So, indulge responsibly and let sugar alcohols bring a dash of positivity to your delicious adventures with Notta Sin’s indulgent range!
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