Why do we often feel guilty after enjoying sweet snacks?

Because deep down, we know the perils lurking behind consuming too much SUGAR.

Sugar is a devil disguised as an angel!

Consumption of excess sugar can lead to MULTIPLE HEALTH ISSUES like obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

Despite knowing this, why are we still unable to resist consuming sugar?

The reason is that sugar is more ADDICTIVE than cocaine, as proven by multiple research studies!

YET, food companies around the world LOAD their products with sugar to make them sweet at a LOW COST!

It’s high time you say NO to all forms of sugar!

All sugars including Refined Sugar, Date Sugar, Jaggery, & Honey are EQUALLY SINFUL.

They contain similar empty calories, minimal minerals, and hurt the body in the same manner.

Our Brand Story

We are a new-age food startup with a mission to bring MINDFULNESS to our INDULGENT snacking habits.

Notta Sin has invested significant resources in innovation to create trailblazing products that are UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS, while being crafted with WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS and devoid of any HARMFUL constituents.

Our mission: Crafting Indulgence by Redefining Sweetness

Our innovation goal is to CHALLENGE the established norms of creating indulgent products. We strongly believe that everything sweet can be REDESIGNED.

Notta Sin is here to create a DELICIOUS DISRUPTION demonstrating how awesome indulgence can be crafted with goodness. We have strived to develop a product pipeline that surpasses well-established international and Indian brands in every category we operate in.

We believe

We believe that DELICIOUS snacks do play an IMPORTANT role in our lives. INDULGENCE in such snacks helps us to RELISH, RECHARGE, & REJUVENATE. Also, it is an integral part of celebrations and social connections.

When it comes to food, we want you to be UNAPOLOGETIC about indulging yourself.

Now you can do that with Notta Sin’s DELICIOUS YET MINDFUL snacks.