Sugar: The Sweet Sin Robbing Your Health

Sugar: The Sweet Sin Robbing Your Health


Did you replace your morning parathas with bread omelet and ketchup to limit empty calories and eat healthier?


Hey, wait! You just had a whole teaspoon of sugar in your breakfast unknowingly!


Just like this, even when we try to consume a healthier diet, we keep eating the same unhealthy food that is bad for our body – so much so that our actual consumption is 2-3 times the recommended sugar limit (6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men as per the American Heart Association).


Now, this is not always our fault: we genuinely try to eat healthy; we do! But the addictive nature of sugar and our lack of accurate information just don’t let us catch a break. And anyway, we don’t last long on diets as the sweet siren of sugar keeps pulling us back.


It’s true – life's a party, and sugar seems like the (un)wanted VIP guest.


But what if we told you this sweet seductress is worse than you think: a party crasher, wreaking havoc on your body? Are you truly ready to uncover the scandalous secrets of sugar - the notorious villain hiding behind the dessert table?


What happens in the body when we consume sugar?


Sugar’s Journey in Our Body


When you eat a sugary treat, the sugar gets absorbed into the bloodstream.


Here enters insulin, your body's sugar manager.


Insulin acts like a key to the door of your cell membrane and lets sugar in the bloodstream enter your cells.


Once inside, sugar heads to the cell's powerhouses (Yes, you guessed it right from high school biology classes - mitochondria). The mitochondria convert this sugar into energy required by our body. A small part of the remaining sugar is stored in the liver and muscles while the rest gets converted to fat, broadening our waistlines!


Excess sugar consumption regularly puts pressure on our mitochondria making them unable to produce enough energy for the efficient functioning of our body. Additionally, these overworked mitochondria release many small molecules, called free radicals, which lead to multiple health issues.


Did you think that sugar is not so bad? Or that there are healthier alternatives such as date sugar, jaggery, and brown sugar (aka muscovado)? Don’t get caught up in those false beliefs! All sugars are equally sinful, trust me. And if you don’t (as you shouldn’t) – Learn more about it here.


Okay, fine! sugar is bad for your body, but what is the level of impact?      


Short to Medium-Term Evils of Sugar 


Do you know what sugar's favourite destination is? The land of unwanted pounds. It's not just about satisfying your sweet tooth; it's like opening a one-way street directly to obesity.


Excessive sugar consumption overworks your body, turning it into a storage machine for fat, and suddenly, that sweet escape becomes a sugar-coated trap.


Multiple research studies have found a significant association between increased sugar intake and weight gain, reinforcing the idea that sugar leads straight to obesity.


Sugar's sins don't stop at your waistline; they extend to your vital organs too. Too much sugar, especially the added kind, can lead to a fatty liver – not the kind of love your liver deserves. But that's not all; your brain isn't spared either. Excess sugar consumption has been linked to cognitive decline, making your once-sharp mind experience a sugar-induced fog.


A study published in the American Heart Association Journal found that a higher sugar intake is associated with a higher risk of cognitive impairment (like stroke & dementia). 


The Medium to Long-Term Horrors


In the long run, the horrors of sugar become even more heinous. These include early aging, diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), liver failure, Alzheimer's disease, and even cancer.


Yes! you read that last bit right: studies, such as the one published in the International Journal of Cancer, have indicated that a diet high in added sugars is associated with an increased risk of certain types of cancer.


It's like a horror movie script, but scarier because it's real life.


Studies, such as the one published in the International Journal of Cancer, have indicated that a diet high in added sugars is associated with an increased risk of certain types of cancer.


Now, that you are aware of the extent of damage excess sugar consumption causes, try giving up on your sugar consumption. No matter what you do, the sugar cravings are just so tough to overcome. Well, the cat’s out of the bag.


Have you ever wondered, why sugar cravings are so tough to overcome?


Sugar: The Addictive Rollercoaster That Surpasses Cocaine!


From an evolutionary standpoint, our brain has been wired to seek out and stock up on sugar to ensure we always have enough glucose for functioning.

But here's the twist – in those ancient days, when food was scarce & difficult to obtain sugar, this survival trait was important.


In today's world, however, we have access to any sugar-packed goodies with a 10-minute doorstep delivery. This ease of ordering can lead to impulsive decisions and overconsumption, and has kind of become a bane and led to the crisis we are currently in.


Given the ancient hard-wiring, every time you munch on that sugary snack, it's not just satisfying your sweet tooth – it's triggering a flood of dopamine that throws a party in your brain and creates a "reward" scenario.


A 2008 Princeton study found that excessive sugar consumption increases dopamine levels in the brain — and that the threshold keeps increasing. With time you keep eating more sugar than before to satisfy those cravings and never give up eating it however hard you may try.


Moreover, whenever you consume sugar, you train your brain to crave more and enjoy it. Thus, sugar becomes a massive addiction. Yes, you heard it right –research studies have found that sugar is more addictive than cocaine!!


However, this makes sugar extremely dangerous. Unlike the case of cocaine, we are unaware of the harsh consequences of this commonly available treat!


Now what, do I stop eating sweet delights?? Is that what you are thinking now?




With all this knowledge as you navigate the party of life, remember that sugar isn't your friend – it's the villain crashing the scene.


But that does not mean you eliminate sugar from your diet. No, you don’t.


However, it is important to be mindful of the total quantity of sugar that you consume in a day.


Make informed choices by indulging in Notta Sin’s products – made without adding sinful sugars.

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